Friday, January 12, 2007

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Saturday, November 11, 2006


i think tis is my first post after i entering MMU. hahaha...... it's been such a long time i din post any thing here. not b'coz of busy,but lazy....ahaha......just like with 1 clip of eyevi had sat for my 1st trimester final exam,my result is not bad,i satisfy with wat i got. i got 3 A's,1B,1c. ad my cgpa is 3.53. i got wat i deserved to get. but the only thing that suprise me a lot is my COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. u know y? coz i got the best grade for the subject i hate most b4 tis.'s reli an amazing turn out. hahaha.......... but my result compare with my another 2frens were just a small diff....they got a higher grade than mine. to b honest i feel a bit jealous on them. but i must admit that result tis kind of stuff should be something very personal. i shouldnt have any jealousy on it. i know it's hard to avoid tis kind of thinking but i will try my best else i will b the 1 who suffered in tis coming 4 years. my attitudes should change. this 4 years it's the time for us to develope ourself to b a better person. to build up our own characteristic. the only reason i got a lower grade than wat they got,it's bcoz my attitude in learning isnt as serious as them. its time for me to change or i will not improve not only result but everything in my life. for tis coming sem,nonono for all coming sem i'll be more serious on my study. yes,yik han u can do it. yes. i believe u can do it. trust urself.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

wai leong n yee ling



the gang

dave isn't in the pic,he went home early.

elaine n niki